Welcome to BridPlot!

BridPlot is an Android application to draw accurate graphs from any data you put in from any experiment.

What can you do with your data on BridPlot:

  • Simple graphs.

IMG_20140816_100205 IMG_20140816_100248

  • Multiple Y graphs.


  • Get the mean of your graph.


  • Mark anomalies.

before graphafter graph

  • Share your graph with friends.


  • You can change the style of your graph from Simple to Scientific or even Wacky !
  • You can move the keybox and the title of the graph by long pressing and dragging.
  • you can change the thickness of the line and the size of the font by selecting the panel symbol at the top of the screen.

It is easy to use and accurate, a great help for biology, chemistry and physics students and teachers. The right equipment and technology can help to improve understanding, make study more enjoyable and lead to the formation of intelligent deductions. As this app provides such accurate graphs the student, or teacher, will be able to analyse the data in detail, and therefore make logical decisions about the meaning of their experimental results.

Our application provides a wide range of high level graphs in which you can present your data, such as log scales, linear regressions and curve plots. BridPlot is a tool for even the most advanced scientists and engineers.