About us – Staff

Our Staff team is the most unique you can find. In our company so far we have the big boss David, and the computer wiz Judy, the brains of the team. We are backed up by the new modern tech genius, Davey. Davey’s main aim at BUSS Mk2 is to test new software and to make it go wrong. I am Heather. I’m in charge of running the office, marketing and accounts. I can also program in Java. The Web site is my (big) responsibility. I advise Senior Management what intelligent 16-year-olds expect from their mobiles, and have designed a lot of the User Interface. When required, I also advise Senior Management how to switch on their tablets.

We make a good team

The design team photo
Judy, David, Heather and Davey on Bridlington Beach 2013

Our youngest member of staff, Davey, at the young age of 14 is working hard to become the worlds best computer programmer. Even though he is just a trainee he is learning quickly and finding faults in his masters work. Davey is also a member of the Technology Advisory unit helping other members of staff switch on mobiles, send texts and other useful stuff. Davey’s favourite part of the job is breaking things. As trainee programmer he has to find faults in the program by making it crash, and then helping put it back together more efficiently.

Davey designed, tested, and implemented the module in BridPlot to select different styles of graph. He is now working on a series of tutorials to explain how to use BridPlot. If Davey can use it, anybody can.

His least favourite part of work is waking up on a morning as he is simply no good at it. He has even been caught yawning on the job. When Davey is older he wants to study geology at university and then go on to travel the world as a volcanologist.


Another Youngster of our team is Heather McCall. She is 16 and already a director of a company. WOW! Heather takes care of the accounts, tutorials and the website. As well as many other jobs just to keep things going. Heather’s favorite part of the job is doing the is working on the display (layout and design) of the app because she wants to make things pretty “Shame we can’t have pink” <- That’s a lie she doesn’t like pink.

Heather’s least favorite part of the job is waking up early and having to wake Davey up because it is a very difficult job. When Heather is older she want to study at university and do something in science but she changes her mind every other day. She is no good at decision making.