About us – Company

We combine a lot of computing knowledge and an awareness of modern technology. In ancient times (1970) Judy Butland worked in the Post Graduate School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Bradford. There she came across Engineering research students who wanted to draw pictures of their experimental data on modern computing equipment. Well, it was modern then. She developed original algorithms to stream-line graphing, and her software was used all over the world.

In January 2013 Judy came across tablets for the first time. She was delighted by the potential for data representation, and even more surprised by the limited scope of the algorithms generally available. We can do better than that.linlogreg

Armed with a good knowledge of Euclid (3rd century BC) and the high expectations of 2 teenagers (21st century AD), BUSS Mk2 was born. We have gone back to some of the first mathematical principles developed in a previous age. They are as sound as ever. They are a rich source of well-thought out solutions to modern problems.

We offer modern students at school and University well-designed tools for representing data. We have designed a coherent framework for developing graphing applications on systems with limited resources. We have already developed Cartesian plots with a choice of scale types. You can generate graphs with Linear, Log and Normal Probability scales in any combination. Then we move on once more to Polar charts, and Smith Charts, and anything else that takes our fancy. We build on our own well developed and much tested software.

And now we have developed BridPlot. BridPlot is an Android app which packages up some of the more generally useful graphing functions which and makes them available to students at all levels.To learn more about BridPlot click here.