BridPlot is an Android app to draw graphs of data.

You can:

  • Choose the type of graph you want
  • Select how to join the points

Select the style of graph

  • Move the key and title around
  • Enter and edit your own data. When you are satisfied with your results, share your graph through social networking sites, messaging, email and printing.

Down-load BridPlotStarter now and trial run the app, if you like it buy the full version from the Play Store for just £1.

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Drawing graphs is child’s play. It has been designed for use in schools and colleges, but it is still an app for University research workers. BridPlot is easy to use, and produces sophisticated results. It has been developed in Bridlington by an extraordinary team of an ancient couple of 70-year-old ex-University research workers and 2 smart teenagers. The Oldies have contributed some of their research results from the 1970s, which is still the best around. The youngsters have provided a good knowledge of apps and have taken over the functional specifications with their awareness of the potential of modern technology. Once we have completed the Android project, we will broaden to other platforms.

If you are still not convinced, keep reading, or watch one of Davey’s and Heather’s tutorials: