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The New Arrival

We have made some new advances in the App which will now allow you to create Bar Charts. We have made a whole new input system to make it easier to input Bar Chart data. Allowing you to use text data. We have also created many different displays of Bar Charts for all you Geographers to enjoy, including pyramid and percentage Bar Charts.

IMG_20150221_132550         IMG_20150221_132806


The BridPlot app is so simple and easy we have a large help system. Including tutorial videos that can be accessed from the app or YouTube. We also have a step by step tutorial that takes you through the app when you first open it up. We want to ensure out App is user friendly for everyone so we also have a help information not only on the website but also built into the app if you just select the “?” symbol on the top bar of any page will give you some hint and tips of what you can do on that page.

 It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Coming Soon!

Heather’s new tutorial, all about editing BridPlot data, will be up and available to watch on YouTube in just a few short hours. So please watch, like and subscribe away!Screenshot_2015-01-17-10-27-26


Available Now!

We will soon be adding the newest version of the app to the PlayStore. This will include some amazing update including. The new and amazing Tutorial mode.

When you first enter it will give you the option to run tutorial or not? and if you select “Yippee” it will take you on a quick tour of the app giving you the basic knowledge to get going .


What are Stacked Curve Graphs?


Stacked curves display the total of different  variables in an informative way.

The accompanying graph shows how the total number of Methodists in Bradford grew, the slumped, then grew again in the 19th century. There were a lot of difficult Yorkshire men  in Bradford in the 1850’s (there still are) and they had an almighty row, the police were called.

To prepare data for a stacked curve graph, enter data for each of the variables. In the graph alone there are the total figures for  Bradford east, west and south.

BridPlot will then compute the sums of the variables for each x value, and display them.

New Breakthrough!

We are now in the final stages of testing for the new update.

This will include being able to mark a point as an anomaly by long pressing the marker.IMG_20140809_101519

This will cause the line and calculation to ignore this point



and will change the marker to this…



A Day Out in Wales! Dydd allan mewn Gymru!

Today (9/7/14) we went to the Welsh speaking school of Ysgol Glan Clwyd to make a Welsh version of the BridPlot app. We had a wonderful day and within the next few days we will have a Welsh app called BridPlotCymru. BridPlotCymru will be available to all other Welsh schools and welsh speaking people on the app store.


New Breakthrough!

We can now zoom! You can now zoom in and out on the app using pinching and panning. Not only is this a new BridPlot breakthrough but it could also help you make your next scientific breakthrough. You can now analyse your data in detail by zooming in on the points you want to study closely.  Hooray!!