Editing Data- Help

For help with editing data Watch the video or read the text below:


  • Everything in red can be long pressed for more options.
  • Everything in blue can be selected and edited.

To edit data you have already entered you first need to go to input data, click the pencil symbol at the top of the screen. Click on the drop down menu Select/edit data file.

IMG_20141220_123424 IMG_20150228_134349

 Find the data you want to edit and long press it, this will bring up a pop up option box. Select Edit.


Just select the text boxes delete the mistake and retype.

 If you then decide to add another line of data long press one of the lines next to where you want to add this line and select Insert before or Insert after.


When you have entered the data for this new line click Add line and this will let you add another line, when you have done adding lines click end insert. 

add line


You can also delete lines by long pressing the line you want to delete and selecting Delete.

IMG_20140308_100259 (1)

When you have finished editing click Save and exit.

IMG_20150221_132344 (1)

You can change the file name. If you wish to change the file name do so and then click OK.


Then admire your perfect graph.