Inputting Data- Help

For help with inputting data watch one of our tutorials:

or read the information below:

To enter data, click on the pencil symbol button and select Enter new data. Then choose Easy data input.

Easy Data input

This input system is laid out like a table that you would draw in your text book. This means it is recognizable and simple.

To choose the name of your x and y column just tap the boxes that they are in, this is a text box and will allow you to change the names. They are both a text box and a long press option. The x column header will be displayed as the x-axis caption so don’t forget your units.


If you would like to add another y column just tap the “+” button. You can have as many y columns as you like although this probably will be far more than needed. If you add a column and then wish to delete it  long press on the column header this will show a popup with the options “Insert Before”, “Insert After” and “Delete”.


Then to add data you should just enter your data into the text boxes below the header. Once you have entered the first line on data click add line and then enter your next line of data and so on.


If your x value increases by the same amount each time long press on the x column header and enter the the “xstep” this is the amount it increases by each time and the “initial x” this is what the first x value should be. This makes the process of adding data a lot quicker and easier.


once you have finished entering all your data select save and exit.


A popup will appear here you enter your graph title the y axis caption and the name of the file.


Now you can select how you wish your to be displayed and Tahh Dahh!


Inputting Bar Chart Data

To start inputting data to be displayed on a Bar Chart you first select the pencil symbol from the top of the screen.


and then select the “input new Data” drop down. You then need to select “Bar Chart Data Input” from the list.

IMG_20150221_132027 (1)

You then name the columns as normal and select the “add line” button.

add line

When entering X- column data you will notice you are now provided with a full text keyboard unlike the numeric keyboard you are given when entering Y values, allowing you to enter text data such as the days of the week or names of people.


Once you have entered all of your data select “End Insert” and then “Save and Exit”.

IMG_20150221_132251 IMG_20150221_132344 (1)

Fill in all the information in the pop up box and select “OK”.


Now you are back at the menu select Bar Charts from the list of graph types. and your graph will be displayed.

IMG_20150221_132521 IMG_20150221_132550



If you wish to change the display of type of your graph select the panel symbol at the top of the screen


and you will be give lots of options for you graph such as the orientation and the Bar Chart type including percentage and pyramid.