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BridPlot has been designed by students in Bridlington for students all over the world. What’s this all about? BridPlot is a graphing app that helps exam students in their science studies. We want not only to help the English exam students but students all over the world. Can you help? We need schools to translate the app into all other languages in the world and the universe. We will send you a spreadsheet of app phrases in English as well as a Machine translated version in your language. Would your students then do it properly?  Why should you help? You get a free version of BridPlot for everyone in your school to help them in their science studies. We can then make it available for all other schools speaking your language at a modest price. You practice your English skills by translating BridPlot’s 200  modern English phrases into…French…German…Czech…or any language your school speaks. What can you do to help?

  • Translate the App menus.
  • Make a tutorial in your own language.
  • Prepare demo graphs in your own language.
  • Translate help pages.

If you are interested in getting involved please buttonX6PTQXX0

App Translations we already have :

  • English      uk flag
  • Czech         Czech-flag
  • Italy             italy-flag
  • French       Fench-Flag
  • Welsh         Welsh_flag